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The Association of Compounding Pharmacists of Canada was created to inform the public and serve the member pharmacies of our association.


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What Is Compounding?

Compounding is a way for physicians or other healthcare professionals to order custom medications for their patients. 

The compounding pharmacist combines the necessary ingredients into the form the doctor has ordered. 

The medication is then dispensed to the patient following counselling by the pharmacist to the patient on how to use the prescription safely and effectively.

Why Use Compounding?

Compounding is ordered because of the special needs of the patient.  In some cases, the patient might be allergic to some preservatives or dyes used in brand name medications.  In other cases, the physician wants the patient to have a different strength than is typically available from the manufacturer.  Sometimes, the physician wants the medicine to be in a form or flavour that is easier for the patient to take. 

Medications can sometimes be made into a lollipop, gel, patch, lozenge or some other form that is easier for the patient use.  Some patients have side effects that can be minimized or avoided if the medication is compounded in a different form than is normally available.  For patients with problems swallowing a pill, a liquid form can sometimes be created. 



One of the advantages of compounding is that it gives the physician flexibility in how to best help their patient.  Compounding is a time-honoured way to serve patients with the kind of custom care when it comes to their medications. 


The compounding pharmacist is an important resource in our healthcare system in Canada. 


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